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Tambola Multiplayer Android App Launch!

May 2, 2020
Tambola Multiplayer Android app

Few days back we announced that we shall be launching our Android app for Tambola multiplayer. Today, we launched the app and it's available for download on Google Play Store.

Download Tambola Multiplayer on your Android phone

Tambola multiplayer comes with some exciting features like:

  • Play with as many people as you want (No restrictions)
  • Comes with pre-set 6 rewards (Early 5, Corners, Top, Middle & Bottom Rows, Full House). Host can choose to disable specific rewards as needed.
  • Validations for each ticket so no one can fool the system ;-)
  • Real time updates of availabl rewards so two or more people cannot claim the same reward.
  • Number announcement and victory note on each valid claim.
  • Game summary with details of winners!

It's the first version so we expect there might be minor glitches and we look forward to receive your feedback to improve the game.

Have fun playing!