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Tambola Fun Mobile Apps Now Available in Hindi and Telugu

June 28, 2020
Tambola Fun mobile app

One of the most requested feature for Tambola Fun apps was support for Indian languages and most of the request were for Hindi and Telugu. We are glad to annouce that now Tambola Fun mobile app supports English, Hindi and Telugu number calling on both Android and iOS devices.

In the latest version, we have also tweaked the settings page sligtly to make it look better with clear separation between different settings like mode (auto/manual), speed, theme and language selection. We hope you like the updates :)

Update [30th June, 2020]: Tambola Multiplayer app also supports number calling in Hindi and Telugu now!

If you want us to include any more languages then do let us know. We'll keep adding more languages as per the feedback received. To download the apps, visit Tambola Fun mobile apps.