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Tambola Fun is your one-stop source for everything that you need to play Tambola or Housie online or offline. Play on our website directly or download our mobile apps with over 100,000 downloads.

You can also generate and download unlimited free tambola or housie tickets. Each tambola ticket generated on our website is 100% unique. You can download 10 free tickets at-a-time with absolutely no limit on how many times you can download, with customization of ticket title and colors.

Tambola, also known as Housie and British Bingo, is an extremely popular board game. The board has 90 numbers and each player needs a ticket with 15 numbers to participate in the game. Numbers are called out randomly and players mark off the matching numbers in their tickets. Player who gets all the numbers marked off in the tickets first wins it. Learn more.

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Tambola Multiplayer Now Available on both Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad)

With release of Tambola Multiplayer iOS app on Apple App Store today, the app is now available and supported on both Android and iOS devices.

Download Tambola Multiplayer on your Android phone Download Tambola Multiplayer on your iPhone iPad
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